Saturday, March 26, 2016

Art Book

Hi everyone!

 I can finally talk about this on my website! I was just waiting for the comic con weekend to be over (which ws amazing btw).

I am very proud to present to you my crowdfunding campaign for my first art book!

It has been quite a difficult project for me as I’ve been struggling with self-doubt and fear of failure along the way but I have nothing to lose so here we are. This is one of those things that make me think “you’re not good enough for it”, but at some point I realized this is how I’m going to feel no matter how good I am. And at the end, all I want is to make this book and share it with people.

The campaign started on March 14th and as of now it's 33% funded!

I am incredibly grateful with my backers and those who have helped spread the word. I hope that knowing that the project is doing great makes even more people feel confident about backing it. I know the beginning of a campaign like this can be a bit slow and can lead people to distrust it, but I'm very hopeful we can make it!

So please, I'm asking you to keep spreading the word and if you like the project I'll be so happy to have you amongst the backers. You may find more information about the project on this page

The future of this book is in everybody's hands!

Thank you!